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Trigger Warnings

Please ensure you read the full range of trigger warnings that are included in each book to keep yourself informed!

Grotesque Love 

Grooming, drugging, mental & physical abuse, mental illness, gaslighting behaviour, Sexual Assault (non penetrative), forced imprisonment, Forced Proximity, violence, death, murder, death of a parent (not on page), group Scenes/scenes with mm

Whispers of Obsession

Mental Abuse, Physical Abuse, Coercion, Blackmail
Extortion, Threats, Grooming, Gaslighting, Violence, Pain for Entertainment, Murder, Sexual Violence, Abduction, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Stalking, Voyeurism, Sexual Acts Involving Weapons, Blood play, Anal Sex/play, Asphyxiation, Violent Sex, Drugging, Somnophilia, Sex without Condoms, Attempted SA of the FMC, Mentions of prior SA of the main male character, Mentions Of Childhood Abuse


Frozen in Time

Pregnancy in the epilogue, FMC has lost her entire family in a ‘home invasion gone wrong’ (actually a murder), she finds her husband to be cheating on her the morning of the wedding and he’s also a controlling asshole but these are glossed over pretty quickly

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