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Knox Academy

F*ck You . F*ck Off . F*ck Yeah . F*ck Her

Everything you need to know about International best seller Knox Academy series, can be found here. 

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When a stupid prank goes wrong, Amelie thinks she’ll be getting a slap on the wrist at best, community service at worst. The last thing she expects is her absentee mother to swan into the court room and whisk her off to an English reform school....for the next three years!


What's the only thing worse than being shipped off to the other side of the world? Being sent there with her mother.


However, when she’s introduced to the headmaster’s four sons, Amelie thinks she may just have found the perfect way to get herself sent home again.


Little does she know, greater forces are at work to keep her at Knox Academy for a reason. And as secrets and lies begin to be unravelled, Amelie has to decide if she wants to stay to uncover the truth, or run while she still has the chance.

F*ck You is a reverse harem novel with dark backstory themes and an 18+ warning. It forms Book 1 in the Knox Academy Trilogy.

*Previously Published under Crystal North & Jaye Cox*

With one ring of the doorbell, one unexpected visitor, and one shocking revelation, Amelie Rossi’s whole world is torn apart.




Faced with no choice but to return to Knox Academy, she knows she has to go back to save the people she loves. But nothing can prepare her for the twisted welcome home awaiting her back in England.


As Amelie tries to re-navigate her way around a school full of criminals hell bent on revenge, her confusing feelings for the four guys who destroyed her heart, and even more family drama, she must also figure out the mysteries of The Order of The Snaidhm to get to the bottom of the tangled web of lies and half truths being fed to her.


Sick of being told what to do and who she must become, Amelie is faced with an important decision: will she fall in line to get the answers she so desperately craves, or tell everyone to f*ck off so that she can forge her own path?

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Fuck yeah Ebook .jpg

Tragedy draws Amelie back to Australia once again, but this time she’s not alone.


It’s been decided that she needs a break, and what better way to do that then with Kalen in her homeland?


You can guarantee that with Fairy Bread, kangaroos, mosquitos, and the youngest Knox brother, chaos will ensue. Add in even more secrets, lies and deceit, and Amelie’s in for one hell of a ride. Because what’s a holiday without a little drama?

Meanwhile, where is Baxter Branson? Who is the raven haired beauty that has snagged his attention? And is he really capable of feelings and friendships?


This novella follows Amelie and Baxter Branson on their Easter Break from Knox Academy.

After all the drama of term 2, some much needed rest and relaxation is in order, don't you think?

As Amelie navigates the secret world of The Order, she must contend with school, new responsibilities, even more mysteries, and balancing her four relationships.

How much can a girl handle before she bends?
Quite a lot it would seem.


But when old threats resurface out of the woodwork, Amelie may have no choice but to bend…otherwise this time, she may just break.

This book carries an 18+ warning. F*ck Her is the finale to the series and you need to have read F*ck Yeah (Book 2.5) to understand the resolution of the cliffhanger at the end of F*ck Off.


As always the book contains hot guys, foul language, sexy scenes and references to past trauma and bullying.

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