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About Crystal North

Crystal North is a UK born and raised author, who lives many secret lives. She started her writing journey back in May 2019 when on maternity leave from teaching, and has never looked back since. During her time as an author, Crystal had planned to keep her writing a secret, however that all changed when she was outed on her last day at work! She also quit teaching to spend more time writing / raising her little one, choosing to work part time in education instead, until becoming a full-time, work from home author in September 2022.

Crystal, when she’s not doing all of the crazy listed above, loves long hot bubble baths with a good book, candles and crystals. She loves the outdoors, travel, unfinished stories, swearing too much and plotting who she would include in her harem. The list is now so long she feels she might have to hold auditions. Luckily, she has a very understanding husband that she shares her home with in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, along with their miracle son (who is secretly named after some of her book boyfriends) and their Miniature Schnauzer fur baby who will forever be a puppy in her eyes.

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