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A suspicious death.


A school full of secrets.


And a student hellbent on uncovering the truth, no matter the cost.


What you’re about to witness comes from a dark place. It’s taken a lot of planning, but you should know that every single thing I’m about to do is deserved. More than deserved, it’s owed, tenfold. Nothing I could do to these people will ever be enough to get even.

Charlotte McLintock has a new identity and a new look as Raven Deighton. She needs it so that she can infiltrate the elite private school that’s covering up her twin’s death. They claimed it was suicide, but she knows better. Her plan’s been almost two years in the making.

What started off as a desire to know the truth has turned into a burning compulsion for vengeance. However, she soon finds that life at Westchester Preparatory Academy’s not what she expected and that everyone’s hiding secrets – even the four hot guys she’s rapidly falling for.

Her one mission is to uncover the truth about what happened to Lizzie so that she can make everyone involved pay, and she’s not about to let anyone or anything – even her own torturous heart – stop her from burning them all to the ground.

Vengeance is a contemporary New Adult reverse harem bully romance, with dark themes and a twist. It ends on a savage cliffhanger but is book 1 of an already completed trilogy with closure at the end of the series.

“I don’t even know where to start…mystery, suspense, bullying, love, heartbreak, betrayal…this book has it all” - Kindle Customer

“Just the right amount of spice, action and witty banter, this book was incredible” - Jade

“Vengeance not only met my expectations but blew them away” - jcaba

“This was a non stop rollercoaster and a mind blowing ending” - Kelsey Morris

“I can’t believe this was a debut book” - Shannon Kaiser

“Enthralling and full of surprises” - Amazon Reviewer


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