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Imagine walking up the aisle on your wedding day, with nothing but a sense of dread... Soraya doesn’t have to imagine that scenario, she’s living it.


Having caught her fiancé cheating on her minutes before the ceremony, she desperately prays for a way out. But she never expects to get her wish. Thanks to a wacky best friend and a magical gift, Soraya finds herself transported to a different moment in time. There she becomes the unlikely tool to bring four lost and feuding souls back together.


But messing with time can be dangerous, with catastrophic results. Can they find a way to break the spells that bind them?


Can love set them free? If it does, will they even want to leave? Or will they remain frozen in the moment forever? Only time will tell...


 Frozen in Time is a time travel RH novel featuring Gods and sexy Norsemen with a HEA. If you love Thor, God of being an A*hole, Loki, God of P*ssing people off, broody sexy side kicks and sweetheart heroes, this is the book for you!

Frozen in Time

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