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When I fly halfway across the country to finally get my dream tattoo, I don’t expect my asshole brother to have sent my artist on holiday. We’ve always had a rocky relationship but things are about to get downright turbulent between us. Especially when he continually butts into my business and tries to control my life.

Well, that’s about to backfire on him because I’ve set my sights on the three guys he’s lined up last minute to be my new tattooists. Sure it helps that they’re all sexy as sin, but I’m not about to go falling for anyone. I’m here for my ink, and only my ink. Screwing my brother’s flat mates and business partners to get back at my brother is just a juicy bonus.

Until it isn’t.
Welcome to Miami.
Where hot men brand more than just your skin.

Branding Belle - Signed by Crystal North

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