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When step brothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole, take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her.

She may be a goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right.

When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.

Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty…

Bosses’ Brat is an RH short story (11,000 words) featuring bosses, bad language, sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It’s also solely told from the men’s POV. It carries an 18+ warning.

Bosses Brat

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