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Paranormal Standalones

Variety of Paranormal Standalones.

Everything you need to know about my paranormal standalones.

Grotesque Love
co-written with Alice La Roux

Part of the Fairy Tales with a
Monstrous Twist Shared World

The day my mother died, my world shattered.

My voice was silenced. My freedom stolen. My sanity fractured.

Confined to Clifton Manor, a sprawling estate turned prison, I live under the oppressive watch of my stepfather, my only company the monstrous stone sentinels who guard the house.

Their promises to protect and love me are what give me the strength to face my twisted reality.

But as we uncover the sinister legacy lurking within its walls, I realise that the man who claims to care for me might be more terrifying than the monsters.

Note: This is a Why Choose supernatural Rapunzel inspired tale with echoes of Bluebeard and other gothic classics. Expect gargoyles, grotesques, braided hair and a crumbling tower. As well as sword crossing and magical curses. Please read the content warnings.

Trigger Warnings:

Grooming, Drugging, Mental & Physical Abuse, Mental Illness, Gaslighting Behaviour, Sexual Assult (non penetrative), Forced Imprisonment, Forced Proximity, Violence, Death, Murder, Death of a Parent (not on page),  Group Scenes w/ Scenes with MM

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