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Everything you need to know about mine and Jaye's co-write Knox Academy series, can be found here. From the blurbs to character profiles, from teasers to pictures. Enjoy!



Knox Academy Term 1
June 1, 2020



When a stupid prank goes wrong, Amelie thinks she’ll be getting a slap on the wrist at best, community service at worst. The last thing she expects is her absentee mother to swan into the court room and whisk her off to an English reform school....for the next three years!

What's the only thing worse than being shipped off to the other side of the world? Being sent there with her mother. However, when she’s introduced to the headmaster’s four sons, Amelie thinks she may just have found the perfect way to get herself sent home again.

Little does she know, greater forces are at work to keep her at Knox Academy for a reason. And as secrets and lies begin to be unravelled, Amelie has to decide if she wants to stay to uncover the truth, or run while she still has the chance. 


F*ck You is a reverse harem novel with dark backstory themes and an 18+ warning. It forms Book 1 in the Knox Academy Trilogy.



Knox Academy Term 2



What happened when Amelie boarded that plane? What is The Order and what do they do? Why is Amelie so important?

Get answers to those burning questions...

Full blurb coming soon




"Can you get any more taboos in one book?!"

F*ck You Beta Reader


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