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You can find all my standalones here - Including those books part of a shared author world.

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Because Pyshos deserve love too…sort of

Running from past traumas and shitty decisions is catching up with Candy.

When she flips out at work and gets fired a week before Christmas, it’s the start of a downward spiral of unfortunate events that she has no control over. Desperate to avoid living on the streets once again, she frantically searches for work to tide her over until the new year.

A mysterious advert, a cryptic phone call, and the weirdest interview she’s ever experienced, sees Candy land herself a one night trial at a new bar across town. It’s the golden opportunity that she needs and she won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way.

Only when she arrives for her shift, she discovers that Candy Canes, the Christmas themed bar she thought she was going to be waitressing at, isn’t a bar at all, but an exclusive pop-up underground club run by a guy everyone affectionately names ‘Daddy North’ and who looks like some sort of sexy Santa calendar model crossed with a dungeon master.

She might be able to survive a shift, but can she make it through the holiday season when he turns his attention on her? What about when his friends and colleagues show an interest too?

Candy Canes is a ‘why choose’ romance where the female character will end up happy for now with more than one love interest.

Coming Soon

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When I fly halfway across the country to finally get my dream tattoo, I don’t expect my asshole brother to have sent my artist on holiday. We’ve always had a rocky relationship but things are about to get downright turbulent between us. Especially when he continually butts into my business and tries to control my life.

Well, that’s about to backfire on him because I’ve set my sights on the three guys he’s lined up last minute to be my new tattooists. Sure it helps that they’re all sexy as sin, but I’m not about to go falling for anyone. I’m here for my ink, and only my ink. Screwing my brother’s flat mates and business partners to get back at my brother is just a juicy bonus.

Until it isn’t.
Welcome to Miami.
Where hot men brand more than just your skin.

Life for Lumi is tough but she’s not complaining. She’s a single mom in a new town (country!) and she’s trying to make friends, launch her own business, and deal with whatever powers her daughter is sure to emerge with any day now.

The last thing on her mind is love. In fact, she actively avoids it. Romance brings her out in hives. Nasty ones.

But when Lumi’s daughter’s birthday arrives and the only thing she wants is a trip to the ice rink on the outskirts of town, Lumi gives in to her daughter’s sole request. She doesn’t expect to find heat on the ice with not one, not two, but three guys.

But the course of fated mates never did run smoothly...especially with Lumi desperately trying to hide her daughter’s newly emerged elemental shifter powers which are wreaking havoc all over town, and the guys all keeping secrets of their own. Can they somehow beat the odds and find a happily ever after, or is this one love spell too many for Silver Springs?

Ice skates and multiple mates... Lumi is sure to heat things up on and off the ice!.

Lumi is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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Imagine walking up the aisle on your wedding day, with nothing but a sense of dread...

Soraya doesn’t have to imagine that scenario, she’s living it. Having caught her fiancé cheating on her minutes before the ceremony, she desperately prays for a way out. But she never expects to get her wish.

Thanks to a wacky best friend and a magical gift, Soraya finds herself transported to a different moment in time. There she becomes the unlikely tool to bring four lost and feuding souls back together.


But messing with time can be dangerous, with catastrophic results.


Can they find a way to break the spells that bind them? Can love set them free? If it does, will they even want to leave? Or will they remain frozen in the moment forever? Only time will tell...

Frozen in Time is a time travel RH novel featuring Gods and sexy Norsemen with a HEA. If you love Thor, God of being an A*hole, Loki, God of P*ssing people off, broody sexy side kicks and sweetheart heroes, this is the book for you!

Frozen in Time Cover.jpg

Jasmine: an insanely talented half-witch who can’t see her own worth, even though the humans and the Supes of Silver Springs all adore her; shop owner; holistic healer; visionary; fortune teller.

The only problem she ever has with fortune telling, however, is her own. All she ever gets is visions of trees when she tries. You know the saying, can’t see the wood for the trees? Well, Jasmine just can’t figure out what it all means.

However a spelled library book, left behind in her shop by accident, may just give her the clarity - and romance - that she’s been missing. Fate has funny plans for Jasmine, no matter how disbelieving she is, or how hard she tries to fight it!

Take a firefighting shifter, fae builder twins, and the hottest bouncer you’ve ever seen, despite his unusual appetites...four guys named after trees and one witch who’s still too clueless to see the sexy answers staring her in the face.

It’s got to spell a recipe for disaster, right?

Jasmine is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It's part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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Bosses’ brat ebook.jpg

When step brothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole, take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her.

She may be a goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right.

When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.

Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty…

Bosses’ Brat is an RH short story (11,000 words) featuring bosses, bad language, sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It’s also solely told from the men’s POV. It carries an 18+ warning.

You gotta love the stories. Folklore, myths, legends. Oral traditions passed down through the centuries, before being immortalised forever on film.


Only, as with all games of Secret Whispers, the truth gets distorted, warped, lost. Mor’du: the monstrous prince who desired power over the bonds of family. Cursed to be a beast for all eternity, wandering in the scarred shell of a monster, tormented and wanting.


Or so they’ll have you believe.


I’m here to tell you the truth of Mor’du’s story. It’s up to you if you believe the words, but trust me, if anyone knows the truth of what really happened between those four brothers, it’s me...the girl who started a war.

Bearing the Curse is a reverse harem re-telling of a classic you think you know.

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Louise used to adore Christmas. But she’s increasingly struggling to deal with the stress, demands and responsibilities of the season. When it all comes to a head in a supermarket just days before Christmas, she loses it and goes on strike.


Her husband Jay steps up to the plate, and arranges to whisk Lou off for the dream holiday vacation in the snow that she’s always wanted.


Everything should be as perfect as the freshly fallen snow, but when unexpected guests turn up, Lou’s perfect Christmas is in danger of falling apart.


Can Jay save Christmas by giving Lou what she really wants? Or will Lou once again be disappointed by things not going to plan?

Her Christmas Wish is a stand-alone contemporary romance short story. It features a happily ever after and steamy reverse harem scenes.

October 31st. One of the most lucrative and celebrated days of the year. But for Ruri James, it’s just another day. Well, almost.

Celebrating her twenty-first birthday on Halloween, Ruri invites her three life-long besties round to celebrate with her. Tradition dictates it. She’s had a crush on her three best friends for as long as she can remember. As the years have passed, the crush has developed into something far less innocent. She’s never told anyone, preferring to keep her naughty little secret and live in hope.

Suddenly though, this year everything is different. Either the guys are messing with her, or they seem to return her feelings. As the games begin, it’s up to Ruri to figure out who or what she really wants. Are the guys genuine? Is it all just a trick? Or is she in for the treat of her life?

Trick or treat is a ‘Why Choose’ Reverse Harem stand-alone short story, featuring a HEA.

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