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You know you're a writer when...

Actually, when do you know you're a writer? I've always written, but certainly never considered myself a writer or even an author. I guess with my first novel about to be published it's probably time I rectified my way of thinking. I've set up author profiles on most social media platforms and have created this website and I a writer? I'd say so. Am I an author? Hmmm, I'm not too sure.

I was recently contacts by the fabulous Fiona McVie who runs 'authorsinterviews' and asked if I could complete an interview with her as a new up-and-coming author. WOW! Of course I said yes straight away and she sent me over the questions.

Now, I'm useless at answering questions. I'm indecisive and either can't think of anything to say at all, or I ramble too much and don't know when to shut up. Doubt quickly filtered in and all kinds of 'I can't do this' 'I'm not an author' thoughts screamed in my mind. But I sat down and forced myself to do it and I was quite pleased with the end result (we'll gloss over how long it took because of my being a perfectionist!)

If you'd like to read it and get to know me better, here's the link

We'd both love it if you left a comment!

So what do you think? When are you a writer or an author? And would you class me as one yet?

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