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Finally! Inspiration has hit and Atonement has taken off. Progress is slow, mostly due to time constraints, but at least I'm moving forward. Currently at 20K. Also, Torment is planned out in it's entirety, so I can't wait to get started on that. I'm trying to arrange a spotlight in one of the BIG groups for a cover and blurb reveal on each of these.

After over a week off from takeovers (which I hated by the way!) I have a few busy days coming up this weekend and over the coming weeks. I'm excited for a new game I'll be playing, and a gift-away in an early November takeover.

When I find the time, I've been enjoying Kat Quinn's "I'm Cursed'. It's excellent and it make me really laugh. I haven't finished it yet but I know it's not a standalone so I'm a bit sad to reach the end. I'm also ARC reading "Break You" by M V Ellis, which is just getting good, and I'm about to start my ARC of "Before She Slumbers" by BC Morgan and Everly Taylor - it's out really soon and sounds amazing! I'm also celebrating release day with them.

In other news, a few of my favourite series have released their final books, so I'm well happy and thinking of re-binging on the whole series now they're complete. I have half term coming up at the end of next week, which means a whole week off work. I'll still have baby but at least I'll be able to rest a little, read and write. I must put Amelia Oliver's "Four Ever" (sequel to "Never Ever") at the top of my TBR list.

BUT before then, I have a deadline with Pink Top Hat Anthologies for my "Once Upon a Filthy Fairy Tale" short story. 8k due in 10 days - yikes!!! I best stop chatting and go get writing. I'm only 1/4 of the way through.

Damn life, work, babies, sleeping, eating etc getting in the way of reading and writing time!

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