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Book Baby Yeah!

So on Monday this week, Vengeance released. I have so many thoughts and emotions about this. Firstly, there was the excitement. 15 weeks of hard work was finally about to pay off and I finally get to share a piece of my heart with the world. Not going to lie, Sunday night I could barely sleep. Come Monday, nothing could take the smile off my face - not even my challenging day job!

Next though, came the wobbles: what if people hated it? Despite the amazing reviews and support from the Indie community, what if it's actually just not any good? What if the writing is crap? Or there's errors or holes in my plot? Thankfully this stage didn't last too long, but I did have to talk myself down off the ledge. I know my book is not going to be loved by everyone, and I certainly didn't write it to get rich and famous. I simply had an idea for a book, thought it was good, and wanted to share it with like-minded people.

Of course, we also have to address the fear. Monday morning I posted on my REAL LIFE social media timeline that I was waking up a published author! Now nearly all of my friends and family didn't know that I write, so this caused a massive backlash of excitement and questions from the people that I know. Despite being immensely proud of what I've achieved and written, I didn't feel confident telling my family that I wrote a book with a lot of really hot sex in it, where a girl has 4 boyfriends and doesn't have to choose between them. I don't think they'd 'get' it, and I certainly didn't want them reading it. Mostly my parents actually. I slowly started to private message certain people my pen name and book title, but I won't be chasing them up to see if they've read it!

All in all, Monday was an amazing day. A busy whirlwind of answering questions, accepting congratulations, hosting an epic party in my facebook group, doing two crazy takeovers in other author's groups who released their books on the same day, and trying to also live a normal life. Tuesday was...anticlimactic. The book is out. The people who pre-ordered, have it. It's on KU so new people are reading it. Reviews are slow coming in, but good.

But now what do I do?

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