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Release Date: 

August 4th 2022

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I am crazy.

The hospital have said so.

They may have released me back to Santa Catalina Island but my demons are far from done haunting me. Everywhere I go on campus, girls seem to be dropping like flies and no one seems to notice. Worse, I can hear the thoughts of the murderers, and they seem to be coming for me.

But that’s just insane…right?

Where do I turn for answers, for protection? How do I stop more women from losing their lives? Can I navigate my way through a whole new world I never knew existed without losing myself?

And should I really trust these four men that are so determined to insert themselves into my life?

They tell me my life is endangered.

But so might be my heart.

Endangered is book 2 in this paranormal reverse harem romance series, meaning our FMC will have more than one love interest and won’t have to choose between them. You need to have read book one, Silenced, to understand this one. Endangered ends on a cliff-hanger, but you probably already knew that didn’t you?

Release Date: 

August 3rd 2022

Vengeance: The Complete Series. Read the international bestselling trilogy now, with bonus content, deleted scenes and extended epilogue.

What you’re about to witness comes from a dark place. It’s taken a lot of planning, but you should know that every single thing I’m about to do is deserved. More than deserved, it’s owed, tenfold. Nothing I could do to these people will ever be enough to get even.

Charlotte McLintock has a new identity and a new look as Raven Deighton. She needs it so that she can infiltrate the elite private school that’s covering up her twin’s death. They claimed it was suicide, but she knows better.

Her plan’s been almost two years in the making. What started off as a desire to know the truth has turned into a burning compulsion for vengeance. However, she soon finds that life at Westchester Preparatory Academy’s not what she expected and that everyone’s hiding secrets - even the four hot guys she’s rapidly falling for.

Her one mission is to uncover the truth about what happened to Lizzie so that she can make everyone involved pay, and she’s not about to let anyone or anything - even her own torturous heart- stop her from burning them all to the ground.

This why choose dark romance series carries an 18+ warning. It contains hot guys, foul language and triggering scenes, including some graphic physical bullying, and suicide, depression and sexual assault triggers. I would love for you to read this series, but please be aware that it comes with a warning.

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Release Date: 

October 4th 2022

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Book 2 in Callie's traumatic story. Release date will be brought forward. Full blurb to follow soon...

Release Date: 

March 7th 2023

Book 2 in The Holy Trinity Series. More details to follow shortly. Release date likely to be moved forward.

The Hunting Games is a dark reverse harem story with triggering events, enemies to lovers themes, and harrowing backstories. It is intended for readers 18+ and it is advised that the Trigger Warnings within are noted.

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