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All you need to know about my current Works in progress and release dates.

Release Date: 

Feburary 13, 2024

Date to be moved forward

The final instalment in The Holy Trinity trilogy.

More details coming soon!

Hunting Graves Book 3.jpg

Release Date: 

4th July, 2023


Book 4

Full Blurb Coming Soon

Release Date: 

3rd October,2023

Because Pyshos deserve love too…sort of

Book cover size (82).jpg

Release Date: 

7th november, 2023

Running from past traumas and shitty decisions is catching up with Candy.

When she flips out at work and gets fired a week before Christmas, it’s the start of a downward spiral of unfortunate events that she has no control over. Desperate to avoid living on the streets once again, she frantically searches for work to tide her over until the new year.

A mysterious advert, a cryptic phone call, and the weirdest interview she’s ever experienced, sees Candy land herself a one night trial at a new bar across town. It’s the golden opportunity that she needs and she won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way.

Only when she arrives for her shift, she discovers that Candy Canes, the Christmas themed bar she thought she was going to be waitressing at, isn’t a bar at all, but an exclusive pop-up underground club run by a guy everyone affectionately names ‘Daddy North’ and who looks like some sort of sexy Santa calendar model crossed with a dungeon master.

She might be able to survive a shift, but can she make it through the holiday season when he turns his attention on her? What about when his friends and colleagues show an interest too?

Candy Canes is a ‘why choose’ romance where the female character will end up happy for now with more than one love interest.

Book cover size (60).jpg
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